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Planning a Korea trip (4-6 weeks long) - advice please!

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*** calling all travellers/backpackers**

Hey Diglers,
I'm hoping to go to Korea next year (probably around July/August 2017) and I am looking for some help and advice!
So far in my planning, I know that I want to go to Seoul, the DMZ, Busan and possibly Jeju. What are other interesting destinations? and does anyone have any personal highlights i.e attractions that they enjoyed?

I'm planning on going for 4-6 weeks and take in as much as I can while at the same time not being too rushed. Is it an expensive country it is in terms of hostels, food and attractions? and would a budget of $100/day would be reasonable?

Thanks for the help!
Modified 2 years ago
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@53Victoria, I have found this great thread on Reddit discussing exactly what you have asked for and what best, its information from locals:

-Money it really depends on what you want to do, I know I can live a month here on as little as w400,000 and thats with eating out every night. But this is a vacation so I'd plan on spending more.

-Seoul is my only experience and you will be able to get around just fine. The subway system is amazing here and is in English, Korean and Chinese. I'm going to assume Busan is the same. Getting around town is sometimes a pain, but most of the time I use Korean Tourism website and it'll tell you what stop to get off at and exit.

-Meals are all depending on what and where you eat, "western" places tend to be quite a bit more around w10,000-w20,000 per dish, if you go to places that are smaller and cater to Koreans you can easily eat for w5,000-w7,000 each and that is a healthy amount.

-If you go in August you'll be missing the monsoon season so no real worry about mosquitoes, but you just have to worry about your ears because the Cicadas they are loud and all over, but don't bite or anything.

-I've never been to Jeju so I can't answer this :( But you should be fine to buy a ticket here while your in Seoul you can go to Gimpo Int Airport and buy a ticket to fly down there.

-Taxis are inexpensive, but your main mode of transport at least in Seoul and I'm assuming for Busan is going to be the Subway, its clean safe and fast it can get you anywhere in the city. Cost of a tick is w1050 for the first 10km and then w100 for 2km after that. I went on the subway for 5 hours total in one day and only ended up paying about w5,000. Like I said before the signs the announcements when you get to a stop are in Korean, English and Chinese.

-A big thing with looking for places in Korea is the buildings are tall and most of the time every floor is a different store so some times there will be a hair salon on the first floor and a restaurant on the second. Look on the Korean tourism site for some places, but go where your nose takes you. its very easy after a bit of research to see endings to some food (if the place doesn't have pictures, quite a few of them do.) so say you want a cutlet the word will be _____ ㄲ스 so if you look for that at the end you will know its some kind of cutlet. But like I said there are lots of places that will have pictures or you can do what a lot of people eat out do and just look at what other people are eating and say I'd like that one.

Also if your around Mok-Dong station thats where I live its a nice part of town if not a bit out of the city. (Oh if your interested in Star Craft at all the SC2 studio is right around here)
3 years ago
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