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Need a QA expert for great startup company in Sunnyvale California

An Expert in Qa

Job Title
QA Analyst
Job Description
Digitally-savvy? Strong attention to detail? An eye for accuracy? Looking for the ideal opportunity to launch your career in a digital content marketing agency? Perfect, let’s talk!
Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) is a leading consumer engagement agency and we’re looking for a Digital Content Proofreader to join our analytics and email deployment team in the Dallas, TX office.
Recently ranked Number 5 on the Advertising Age list of top global digital agencies, MXM’s 700+ experts in the US (1,400 globally) provide clients with in-depth knowledge, resources and expertise to deliver loyalty, analytics, campaign management, social, digital, and mobile solutions.
The Digital Content Proofreader is responsible for reviewing the accuracy of and providing the final approval of all digitally produced assets and email by the MXM Analytics Team. This includes quality checking of grammar, spelling and punctuation, and ensuring all links in the HTML coding are properly functioning. You’ll work with reference materials supplied by the Account Teams to ensure work is error-free and focuses on quality control across increasingly complex assignments and campaigns.
Essential Job Functions
Owns and updates the QA processes and procedures to ensure they reflect the changes in QA requirements for flawless delivery to the clients.
Final approval of all digitally produced assets and email before leaving the Analytics Group.
Ensures that email projects with printed layouts have been accurately translated into HTML; quality checks to ensure that all links in the HTML coding function properly.
Reviews various types of email and digital deliverable to ensure they match approved creative and variable elements correctly populate from the data file.
Quality checks basic grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Modified 2 years ago
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Have you ever take a look at monster jobs? You can look through CV's there of people who are looking for work. You do have to pay to look through resume's but to try it out they will let you look at 20 free resume's for the job title that you are searching for. Look below please at links:
2 years ago
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Rachel  Franklin
3 5952
Hey Miko1983,

unfortunately I can't source candidates for you but what I can do is point you in the right direction. Here are a couple of options for you:

- Indeed.com is a great site to post job adverts and is free to use (provided you don't "boost" your post. There is also ATS tracking systems for employers to use to track applications made.

- Smart Recruiters - this platform will send your job posting out to a number of different job boards ensuring it reaches the broadest audience possible - also offers ATS tracking features.

- upwork is the best place to find freelance workers - simply upload the project(s) you need work carried out on and let the experts bid for employment on the job.

I hope this helps :)
2 years ago
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