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I love Blues music - help!

Review or Advice in Blues

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  • be a blues concert or event
  • be in a bar or a place with a liqour license
  • in Atlanta, GA
searching for a good blues bar or event coming up in the next month for me and my buddies to go too. We will be working in Atlanta, GA for the next few weeks so it needs to be in this location.
Modified 3 years ago
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Hi Ben!
I'm not sure exactly where you're staying in Atlanta but the two places I recommend are about 10 minutes apart.

Fat Matt's Ribb Shack has the best food and ice cold beer. It's not fancy and you wouldn't think that the bands would be as good as they are- but they are. :-) Warning- there is always a line to get in so get there after work. Music starts at about 8:00-8:15 pm.
Fat Matt's Ribb Shack, 1811 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta
(404) 607-1622

Blind Willie's is THE BEST blues music. That's it. Awesome. Good food and drinks. The music and vibe of the crowd make this place. It's intimate.

Blind Willie's, 828 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta
(404) 874-2583

My brother used to live in Decatur, so we've been several times.

Have a great trip!!

3 years ago
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Joana @Digle
Rated: Good
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You def should try Cafe 290!!! One of the top jazz clubs in Atlanta, Cafe 290 features live music (jazz or blues) nightly. A full menu including seafood, steaks, pasta, and vegetarian specialties is available.

Dante's Down the Hatch is also quite cool!
Experience something completely unexpected at Dante's. Inside the large building, a replica 18th-century ship, complete with rigging, rests in a reservoir of water (inhabited by live crocodiles!). Thirteen levels accommodate diners, who indulge in cheese or meat fondue while admiring antique fittings and furnishings around them. Visitors to the ship can enjoy soothing live jazz six nights a week, and a vocalist performs Mondays. A great wine list is an added perk. Guests are permitted to come for the music without having dinner. Reservations for dinner or drinks reservations for dinner or drinks recommended.

And how about Churchill Grounds?
Dedicated music-lovers seeking authentic jazz clubs in Atlanta adore Churchill Grounds, the city's top spot for genuine, unadulterated jazz performed by brilliant ensembles and soaked up by a mature, sincerely appreciative crowd. The bar area is a superb setting for savoring strong yet reasonably-priced cocktails and light fare before the show, which takes place in the cozy, quiet Whisper Room. Additionally, the lounge is located near the Fox Theatre, making it the perfect post-theater experience.

Northside Tavern if you really are a fan of Blues:
Home of the internationally acclaimed Mudcats, this unpretentious Atlanta bar is what blues clubs were meant to be. Having hosted some of the biggest legends in blues history, Northside Tavern continues its tradition of booking stellar musicians almost every night of the week, and whether you're a dancing fiend or a wallflower, you can't help but move your body to the beat. Cheap drinks, pool tables and fire-blowing bartenders round out this late-night hot spot.

Plenty of choices!! And all have license to sell alcohol.
3 years ago
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