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Searcher's Guide

Digle is here for you because we know how difficult it is to find the specific search results you’re after. We already know you've come to get something more than the everyday search engine can provide, so get ready to connect with real human intelligence that understands the complexity and urgency of your search.
This is your chance to talk as much as you like without people asking you not to. In fact, Finders love it when you do! The more in-depth your search, the more likely it is that they will know exactly what you’re after, and be able to deliver great results, fast.

This means not holding back on your description, must have-or-have-nots, pictures, links, attachments, tags, and locations. Don’t worry about overloading, because the things that are obvious to you, won’t necessarily be obvious to others.

If Finders do need more information, they will get in touch via your own personal search chat room. The sooner you respond to their queries, the better.
2. Setting a deadline:
When you set the deadline for your search, consider its complexity, and how long it might take Finders to a) research it fully, and b) curate really relevant results.

There’s a higher charge for urgent searches, and of course the more time you can give Finders to do their thing, the more in-depth their finds will be.
3. Awarding credits:
The credits you award to Finders plays a big role in motivating them. While you can set just one credit as the reward for a complex search, be aware that Finders with a higher rating are going to be more attracted to higher rewards. Bigger rewards = better results.
4. Pro settings:
Setting more than one credit as a reward gives you access to Digle’s Pro settings. These allow you to select the experience of Finders, post anonymously, hide finds from other users, and invite specific users to start Digling your search.
Once you’ve posted your search, you can make changes by viewing it in your Searches tab, and clicking Edit. These changes are limited, so try to get your search as accurate as you can first-time round. When editing, you cannot change the headline or category, but you can extend your deadline, and add credits to the original amount. You cannot reduce the time or reward.

You can only cancel your search and get a refund if no Finders have started working on it.
6. Rating finds:
Once Finders start to send results in, you can mark them as Bad, Good, or Winner. The Winner will receive your reward. Choose carefully, as marks will affect each Finder's rating, and will indicate to your other Finders whether or not they are Digling in the right direction.

If you’re unsatisfied with the results that are submitted, you can add more details, or explain what’s lacking in your search chat room. If you still get no results and your deadline is looming, you can extend your search for up to a month. After this month has passed, you'll need to reward someone for their hard work by choosing the find that is most relevant to your search.
Happy Digling!
If you have any more questions about how to use the platform, please email
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