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Finder's Guide

Digle is putting its best Finders forward (that's you), so here are some tips and guidelines to make sure that you provide the best possible search results to those that need your help.
Getting the best searches:
Digle understands that everyone has different finding skills, that's why we've put our best team to work on the suggestion algorithms that provide you with searches that suit your finding skills. Your SmartFeed will present you the best searches based on the skills you've added to your profile, on your location, and mainly by learning what you like to work on and what you're good at. You can choose to use the search field on your SmartFeed for further filtering.
Digle allows our searchers to be very specific when describing what it is they're looking for. This means it's even easier for you to get all the relevant information you need from the search. Make sure that you read all the details the searcher lists, and if there's anything you're unclear on, you can always use the handy chat bar on the right hand side of the search.
Mark On it:
When you mark 'On It' on your chosen search, this notifies the searchers that you are now responsible for providing them with a result, and in the running to win the reward they have offered. Up to five people can be on a search at any one time. You'll be automatically withdrawn from the search after 50% of the allotted time has passed since you marked On It, unless you add a find before then.
The chatroom is a tool whereby you can ask the searcher a question, or communicate with other finders on the search. This is useful if you want to find out more about a specific detail in the search or have any questions that will help to make your find more relevant. The chat is available to view by any one on the site - not only the searchers and those finders marked on it. If you want to address a certain user, put @ and the user name. To ask the searcher- you can type @username or @Searcher. @Searcher will always address the searcher.
Preparing a find:
After you have understood the details of the search, it is important to remember that the searcher isn't just looking for the first result that a search engine offers. The beauty of Digle is allowing your human brain to understand the search in a way that the algorithms just can't! So make sure to dig deep within the internet to find the ultimate result that the searcher is looking for! Sometimes you will find that the perfect solution comes from your knowledge or life experience. You can add more than one option in your find if you feel that multiple links or information will be more useful. We strongly advise to include a screen shot of your find and add it as an attachment to your find. You can save your find as a draft and edit it any time, which will allow you to collate your findings in one place before posting the results to the searcher.
The Reward:
The searcher will review your find - they can mark it as bad, good, or select you as a winner. If chosen as good this will earn you XP, if chosen as a winner you will earn the stated reward which may be either Digle credits or Demo Credits. Winning Digle credits (marked with Digle paid credit ) will equal a cash value. Winning Free Credits (marked with Digle paid credit) will increase the amount you receive per credit on Digle credits. Please note: If your finds are continuously rated badly by the searchers, your account will be suspended as we look into the quality of your finds. If you believe the system has wrongly suspended your account, please email us and we will review the issue.
The Digle Game
There's a lot of fun going on on Digle, you will earn badges and XP for helping people and contributing to the quality of Digle, with special features unlocking only at higher levels. Climb your way up the leaderboards and you can be the best finder in your country.
Happy Digling!
For questions and comments regarding this section
please email us at finders@digle.me
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